Return Process and Credit

Return Process and Credit

Please note that a customer can only return a product within 30 days of invoice date.

Products will only be credited in the following cases:

 All Paws For A Cause accidentally typed in the incorrect quantity or product.

 The incorrect product was sent.

 The product was damaged in the packaging.

 The product was damaged by the Courier.

 The product was short packed by All Paws For A Cause.

Products will not be credited when:

 The customer ordered the wrong product or incorrect quantities.

Procedure for Product Return

Immediately e-mail us at

If the wrongfully sent product has to be returned:

 Prepare parcel to be send back to All Paws For A Cause.

 Include the following in the parcel:

     ‐ Product

     ‐ Copy of Invoice

     ‐ Post Office Receipt

 NO credit will be processed for Postal Fee if the Postal Receipt is not included in your parcel.

 Send the parcel to All Paws For A Cause postal address:

All Paws For A Cause

P.O. BOX 301

Bettys Bay


A postage fee to a maximum of R99.00 will be paid to the customers account, if the error was made

by All Paws For A Cause.

 When the parcel arrives at All Paws For A Cause, we will process the documentation.

 The Credit Note will be sent to the customer via email.

Procedure for Damaged Product Return

 Immediately take a photo

 Send the photograph by email to

 The photo of the damaged product will be sent for approval.

 If the photo is approved, the product will be replaced.

 NO returning of the product will be required, if approved.

 If the photo is not approved, All Paws For A Cause will contact you via email to request for the

     product to be returned to All Paws For A Cause via Post.


 If a parcel is returned by courier the customer will be held responsible for the payment to the courier.

 If a parcel is returned by Post and not to the above mentioned address, the customer will be held

     responsible for the loss of the parcel.